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What Can You Do ?

You'd be surprised at some of the interesting, fun, and occasionally peculiar jobs we'd find for you to do if you call us to volunteer. You might be picking up your favorite performer at the airport and taking him or her to dinner before a concert! 

Not all our jobs are as enticing as that, but we need you nonetheless. The Seattle Folklore Society is all-volunteer, and as much or as little time as you have to give is greatly appreciated. 

To volunteer for concerts, or find out about other volunteer opportunities, send an email to the volunteer coordinator or leave a message for the volunteer coordinator at (206) 782-0505.


Immediate Need 

  • Doing Sound - At most of our shows, we run the sound board ourselves. We try to keep a pool of trained volunteers handy. That pool is running low and we are looking to find some more volunteers. No prior sound board experience is neccessary.
  • Working the Door - We need people to work the door at our concerts. This involves collecting money, selling artists' CD's, and in some cases, checking ID's.
  • SFS Archivist - We need someone to help us start planning an SFS Archive to keep track of all our long and interesting history.
  • Posters and Flyers - One of the ways we advertise upcoming events is by hanging posters and flyers in various businesses and message boards around Seattle. The locations are already defined, so you won't have to worry about finding places to hang them. This generally takes about 2 to 3 hours per trip once a month. In return for this great service, you will get 1/2 off any concert ticket every time you make a poster run.

Ongoing Opportunites

  • Chair Hauling - Sounds glamorous doesn't it? When we do shows at the Grateful Bread, we usually have to bring chairs if it is going to be a big show. A Taurus stationwagon is almost big enough to get them all in, so a pickup truck (any size) would have ample space. This is an occasional (but important) job.
  • Concert Production - We always need people to help us at concerts, setting up/tear down, selling CD's or taking money at the door.
  • Concert Planning - The Seattle Folklore Society tries to provide a diverse offering of artists and performers, but often times we don't get hooked into a particular genre because we don't have contacts. We are always in need of people to help identify and plan upcoming concerts. We meet the first Monday of each month at 7:00pm in Seatle. Email us or leave a message on the concert line at 206/923-8923 for the location of the next meeting. We have a lot of fun deciding who to bring to Seattle, and we invite you, if you are curious, to see how it is done. Maybe you will jump right in!
  • Mailing Parties - We fold and label and stick stamps on a whole bunch of renewal notices, concert schedules and the like.  These are not regular occurences but important when needed!
Northwest Folklife also has volunteer opportunities.

Intern Opportunities

Some colleges and universities require students to spend a quarter as an unpaid intern with a non-profit or other organization. We have had one such intern work for us in the past. If you are looking for an intern position, we may be able to accomodate you. Please send us email at volunteer@seafolklore.org.
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